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Right of Withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within the period of two weeks in textual form (e.g. via mail, fax, email) without any indication of causes. The period begins with the reception of this notification at the earliest. You will receive this notification by mail. The period can be complied with by the timely sending of the notice to withdraw. This notice must be sent to



Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Berger


50923 Koeln



Fax: (0)221 – 4705118



Consequences of the Use of the Right of Withdrawal


In case of a valid withdrawal, each party has to restitute the received performance according to the contract and any possible values you might have received out of the utilisation of these performances (e.g. interest). If you are not or not in whole in a position to restitute the performance, you have the obligation to indemnify CENTRAL for the value of its performance.


Special Notice:

Your right of withdrawal expires earlier, if your contracting partner (the CENTRAL) begins with the performance of the owed services with your explicit consent within the period of your right of withdrawal (e.g. your wilful participation in the course) or if you cause this performance yourself.


CENTRAL - Center for Transnational Law